With the support of Tata Power Community Development Trust, Lonavala Tathapi has initiated ‘Project Tara’ in 10 villages of Maval Block in Pune district. Main objective of the project is to increase the status of women and adolescent girls through increased awareness of gender, increased access to health and civic entitlements, and linkages with existing government and other agencies.

Focal areas of the Tara Project

¨        Increasing women’s access to health through the use of existing government services, mobile medical centers and creation of Community Health Fund

¨        Creating trained support for women facing violence at the Level of Health Services

¨        Work with adolescents and women on Gender Equality

¨        Increasing women’s participation in Panchayat Raj Institutions through Mahila Sabhas and focused campaigns

Located only at a distance of approximately 50 plus km. from the city of Pimpari Chinchwad the area is almost inaccessible and remote as any other area in the range of the Sahyadri Mountain. To start with we initiated the process of selection of the villages and to assess the situation in the area, to access health status and prominent issues of community health. Also the first investigation process was to know the status of government and private health services available in the area and to check the conditions, access and availability of basic services such as roads, schools, water, sanitation etc.

The salient features of the health services and other basic infrastructure in the area observed through the baseline conducted by the Tathapi team are...

      Lack of basic infrastructure such as transport services, health services, water, sanitation, road etc.

      Meagerness of transport service affects the accessibility to the basic services such as health care and schools.

      Visibility and presence of government health services is also very low

      Malnutrition among children in Aaganwadi is visible.

      Very low awareness among the community on various health schemes and government health services

After selection and needs assessment in the villages an informal contact network is established in the area. People and especially women are welcoming the most awaited dialogue on their health concerns. Because of the initial health camps and dialogue around anemia there is an increasing awareness among girls and women on anemia and home remedies. Schools are able to perceive the importance of the dialogue with students on adolescence and puberty, and are welcoming the interactions. Government health setup in the area is also ready to get involved in the activities initiated by Tathapi and Tata Power.