As a result of the state-wide process of discussions, a resource on body literacy and sexuality for the parents and teachers of intellectually disabled children named ‘Sharir Sakshrta Srvansathi’ in Marathi, is developed and published. It includes sessions on puberty, bodily changes, gender, what is Intellectual disability, violence and abuse, how to stay safe etc. and some articles written by the experts in this field on sexuality, needs and rights of these children. Some teachers, caregivers have shared their experiences.  
Following are the topics covered in the book:
1. आपलं शरीर
2. बाळाच्या विकासाचे टप्पे
3. माझं शरीर... माझं मन...
4. मतिमंदत्व : ओळख, कारणं आणि प्रकार
5. मुलं-मुली वयात येताना...
6. मतिमंद मुलं-मुली वयात येतात तेव्हा...
7. मतिमंद मुलं-मुली आणि लैंगिकता
8. लैंगिक शोषण किंवा हिंसा
9. शिक्षक आणि कार्यकर्त्यांच्या अनुभवातून...
Some sessions are informative and some are based on facts, experiences and alternatives people have created for themselves while working in this field for year. Some of the sessions are written using different methods such as real stories, dialogues, Frequently Asked Questions, etc. The book has become live and appealing to read because of the illustrations for appropriate matter in the book.
Following are the name of the articles:
1. मतिमंदत्व का येतं – डॉ. कौमुदी गोडबोले
2. पालवी फुटते तेव्हा... – कलिका मुजूमदार, प्रिझम फाउंडेशन, पुणे
3. सत्त्याला सामोरं जाण्याची गरज – मेधा टेंगशे, साधना व्हिलेज, पुणे
There is one interview of a parent in the book. Sunita Kulkarni is a single parent of an intellectually disabled boy. She has shared, at length, her experiences and views regarding disability and sexuality as a parent.
The book is available in Tathapi for sale at a donation price of Rs. 200. You can write mail or phone to us and place your order with your address and we will send it to you.