From June 2017 onwards we have started publishing a bi-monthly newsletter, named ‘Hitguj’ for the parents, teachers and caregivers of intellectually disabled adolescents. The purpose is to build a positive approach towards sexuality. This space is specially for the parents where they can share their concerns and experiences around sexual needs of their children. We are trying to give voice to the ‘problems’ parents face generally and solutions they only have discovered. ‘Hitguj’ will also help to those who are working with the intellectually disabled children.

We are circulating/posting this newsletter to the schools of intellectually disabled and to those who have participated in our training programs. As they are already aware about the issue, the newsletter will help them in handling individual situations in a better and sensitive manner. The subscription is free for all.

HITGUJ Newsletter June-July 2017
HITGUJ Newsletter August-September 2017
HITGUJ Newsletter October-November 2017
HITGUJ Newsletter April-May 2018
HITGUJ Newsletter July-August 2018