From April 2016, we started conducting training programs with teachers, parents and caregivers of intellectually disabled children on ‘Disability and Sexuality.’ We contacted more than 20 schools and institutes across the state.  Many of them welcomed the initiative as it is a subject of their serious concern also.

These schools were located in different regions in Maharashtra. We got the first opportunity to conduct a two days training program in Goa with Keshav Seva Sadhana School for the Special children. After this we conducted 04 training programs in collaboration with following organisations.  Prerna Gram Vikas Sanstha (Yawatmal), Navjeevan Society for Mentally Retarded (Aurangabad), Jivhala Society for the Mentally Handicapped (Solapur), Jeevdan School for the Intellectually Disabled Children (Zarap, Tal. Savantwadi, Dist. Sindhudurg).  These schools/organizations have taken initiative in organizing these training programs on their own.

Some of the institutes in Pune and around also called us to have dialogue with their members on this topic. We could reach out to 450+ parents and teachers through these training programs and lectures across the state.

Objectives of the training program -

1. To create awareness among the parents, teachers, caregivers on sexual rights and sexuality education of the intellectually disabled.   

2. To build a healthy and scientific approach regarding sexuality among the parents, teachers, caregivers and other workers.

3.  To create some effective methodologies, strategies, techniques, steps or ways to deal issues around sexuality of intellectually disabled.

Training for the teachers of intellectually disabled

We organized a 3 days training program for the teachers of intellectually disabled children from Pune District on ‘Intellectual Disability and Sexuality’ on 28th to 30th Nov. 2017 in Pune. The Social Welfare Department of Pune District also approved our training program and helped us in organising. They sent invitations and instructions to the concerned persons for attending the training program. 35 teachers/professionals participated in the training. Few of them were from outside of Pune district. As per the feedback of the participants, it was a different and useful training program for all of them.

Outcomes of the Training Programs -

1. It is our success that we could reach 165 teachers, parents and social workers through trainings only within a short period of six months.

2. The training is successfully creating healthy and scientific approach regarding sexuality among the parents, teachers, caregivers and other workers.   

3. This training is a space for everyone to share and find their own solutions on the issues such as marriage, sexual abuse, fulfillment of sexual needs, health concerns of these children. 

4. There is a possibility that a trained, active team will emerge from the current trainees who might be participating in future interventions in their local area. 

5. There is an intense need to develop more resources on intellectual disability and sexuality is our learning from all these trainings.