Love and relationships are an important factor of our lives, but we hardly discuss these in open. We either seek help when a problem arises or just bear the discomfort. We at Anandi centre feel that an open discussion will help us reflect on our issues, concept. It will also help us clarify our ideas and and also lead our lives on more clearer terms.

Since last one year, we at Anandi and Tathapi have been organising two day meetings on Love and Relationships. Ashutosh Bhupatkar and Audrey Fernandes facilitated the initial sessions.

Now Prajakta Pathak, one of the participants of the initial meetings, is co-ordinating a series of one day sessions along with Ashutosh Bhupatkar. We had two sessions in April and plan to organise more.

If you want to know more about the sessions, please contact Tathapi at 020 24431106.