We, at Tathapi, have witnessed and read about thousands of cases of violence and abuse against women in society. The newspapers and television reports show us that every day the value for a human life, more importantly, that of a woman’s life, is rapidly decreasing. And this phenomenon is not one that has started recently. The blatant disregard for women’s feelings, autonomy and self- esteem is a norm in a society such as ours, where sex selection is still carried out, where one sex is preferred and lorded over the other.

Thus, we are launching a campaign, I सोच Let's talk Sexuality for a Safer Pune! I सोच wants to see and bring about a positive change in society. Today, college students, and even school children have a wider field of exposure, to elements in society that did not even exist a few years ago. We realize that the widespread and almost constant use of the Internet, whether for wholesome or harmful activities, is the medium that needs to be used to bring about a change in the current generation. The campaign aims to make Pune a safe place once again; make it the Pune that we all still remember. And the way to achieve that is empower the college students themselves to be a part of the change rather than a part of the problem.

There is a growing awareness among student about the deteriorating situation of our society today. There is an unconscious curbing of a woman’s right to freedom and expression under the guise of “protection” and “security”. College students themselves do not agree with most of the methods that are being adopted in society to cope with the rising rate of abuse and molestation; they find themselves in a position where they want to change the status quo but cannot find a way to do that.

I सोच will provide that platform to the students where they can stand up against discrimination and violence and join hands with other students from various parts of the city. We stand for open communication and dialogue rather than blind hatred and oppression. We imagine a city where there is equality and safety for all. And moreover, we imagine a society where the rights and opinions of every individual are cherished so that we can once again have respect for every life and every identity.