.... Over last three years Tathapi Trust is helping Astitv Samaj Vikas Sanstha, Solapur and Gramin Mahila Vikas Sanstha, Latur in designing and planning their work around ‘drought and women's health’. The interventions are spread in almost 40 + villages in these districts. A continuous dialogue through trainings and campaigns with the main involvement of women and youth groups in the area is on. We are trying to raise different issues such as right to safe and clean drinking water, right to health, need of an accountable government health service, addictions among youth etc with the objective to encourage people’s involvement in village development and People centered planning. Special efforts have been taken to address the issue of empowerment while working on the issues of single women (widows, destitute women, disabled women belonging to landless laborer’s families, unmarried women etc). Along with building their strong groups and networks we have helped these partner organisations in providing social, economic and legal support to these women. Our experience is that the efforts like informing women on various government schemes are not enough. Continuous follow-up to ensure the benefits are reached to the woman is also crucial if we are really concerned in empowering them. However, the issues of these women have become more serious and complex due to this consecutive and acute drought situation in the area. People are struggling to fulfill their basic needs such as food, employment, water, children’s education and health needs. At present the situation has worsened more. The idea of establishing a ‘Food Grain Bank’ was emerged from the struggle people are facing in the current time. Once the idea was accepted and developed by the people we contacted various organizations and individuals for possible contribution and cooperation. As a result each of the partnering organization could distribute more than 100 quintal food grains to more than 300 families so far. Every family has been given 50 Kgs food grains (Jawar). The condition is that they are supposed to give it back to the organisations once they get next crop in coming year. Our groups of single women were given the rights to decide upon the selection of needy families, quantity to be distributed and other things. People share with us that Food Grain Bank should be a constant process and the need of such an effort is always felt in the area. We are planning to involve these informal groups in more activities. Some of them are planning to incorporate adolescents especially girls and start dialogue with them. Some of them are planning to start working on girl’s education and are planning to help girls with bicycles to stop girl’s dropout. The groups also have been told to modify and alter themselves and their objectives while responding to new and emerging conditions and challenges in the area. But it also has been ensured that the space remains democratic and secular.