Drought, Women and Health : Supporting Sustainable Development Measures for Communities

Marathwada and part of western Maharashtra have been drought prone regions of the state. In 2013, all districts in Marathwada and Solapur faced severe drought where drinking water and water for cattle was acutely scarce. On this backdrop Gramin Mahila Vikas Sanstha, Deoni, Dist Latur and Astitva Samajik Vikas Sanstha, Sangola, Dist. Solapur have initiated a two year project where in they will mobilise and build capacities of youth and women to fight their battle against nature as well as government policies which affect their lives badly.

Through this youth and women in the area will


  • assert and demand their rights as a citizen to the available resources ranging from water to health services
  • adopt better and sustainable water conservation measures in their area and have an increased access to Government schemes such as MNREGA, ICDS etc.


Tathapi is working with these two groups to train the groups at the village level. Our trainers from the earlier programme in Marathwada have taken the responsibility of conducting these trainings. We will also develop resources useful for the project.

This year we will work especially with school children and youth. Formation of Balpanchyat and youth groups at the village level will be one of the main objectives. Through various activities like Jaldindi, tree plantation and training camps messages on health, sanitation and safe drinking water will be disseminated to the groups.