Women and Health Trainings

We get frequent requests for women and health trainings with NGO workers or SHG leaders. We have been involved in these trainings with various small groups at their field level. The training's are devised according as per the needs of the groups requesting training.

The issues include a holistic perspective on women and health and information about body and reproductive health, mental health, violence on women as a public health issue, population policy, process documentation and writing skills.

Lately, we have responded to requests to collaborate with grassroots level organisations on a long-term basis i.e 1-3 years.

The objective of such trainings is resource dissemination to increase the capacity of local organisation to source and use available resources to –
  • Impart information and knowledge on specific women's health issues such as anaemia, reproductive health, cancers in women, women’s access to health care etc.
  • Use available resources effectively
  • Encourage women to create their own strategies to ensure access to health care services
  • Create an environment where the body is de-medicalised, where we are able to make friends with their own bodies, understand changes and cycles and manage our own health effectively
  • Gender sensitisation
Tathapi has also been evolving a strategy to work with micro-credit women's groups to increase awareness of women's health issues and to create a pressure group on local health practitioners to avoid irrational practices, particularly those related to women's maternal and reproductive health.
See Body Literacy School Programme for work with children, parents and teachers
See Pilot Project – Towards Equality: Work with Men

Some Training Modules and Presentations Available

  • Gender
  • Gender and Health
  • Women’s Health Rights Module

Writing Skills and Process Documentation Workshops

These exciting and fun filled workshops are designed to bring back an interest in reading and writing for the busy activist.
'Writing skills and Process documentation' workshops are organized as per the need of local groups.
These workshops focus on:
  • Understanding process and the importance of documenting process
  • Being able to identify indicators of change
  • Record and recall such change and its relevance in assessing the impact of one’s work
  • Writing effective press notes
  • Setting up indicators and objectives for the projects/work
  • Writing interesting and relevant work/project reports