Tathapi initiated the first ever Marathi website on sexuality, letstalksexuality.com as a part of it’s project ‘I Soch- Let’s talk sexuality for safer Pune’. Society is witnessing an increasing number of incidences of violence against women. Newer forms of violence like cyber bullying and lewd calls are increasing, with advancement in technology, as are the traditional forms. Adolescents and youth with lots of queries and curiosity about sexuality approach mobile phones and the Internet. Though mobile phones, social networking platforms and the internet are a source of information relating to sexuality, these are also a source of misinformation and violence. Taking into consideration this need for alternative, focused, affirmative and widespread discussion among youth about sexuality, issues of control, relationships and violence etc, Tathapi initiated a project called ‘I Soch’.


This interactive web portal about sexuality aims to setup spaces for discussion and the dissemination of information on affirmative sexuality through mobile phones, social networking platforms and the internet. The National Foundation of India offers financial support for this project. 


The website provides scientific information and an affirmative approach to sexuality under various sections, ‘What is sexuality’, ‘Sex’, ‘Love’, ‘Body Literacy’, 'Everything is normal', 'My choice', ‘Violence and Harassment’, etc. The Website is useful for people of all age groups. It also offers space for viewers to ask questions, note suggestions and give feedback, and has received more than 1,00,000 hits within last eight months.  The response on the website has been overwhelming, with many readers asking questions, and providing feedback.


Click on letstalksexuality.com for proper, scientific, affirmative and value based information about sexuality. We always welcome your queries, suggestions and feedback.