“Pyaar Ki Gutargoo” is a month long online and offline campaign launched by the ISoch team from the Tathapi Trust. The objective of the campaign was to start conversations on online as well as offline spaces among the youth about love and the various issues associated with being in love in the contemporary Indian society. The rather quirky name came up as the team thought that though they want to start a nuanced discussion on love, it also wants to retain the joy associated with the concept.

The 14th February event at Barrister Nath Pai Hall, Rashtra Seva Dal, was the finale event of a month long campaign carried out through discussions and workshops in individual colleges as well as the online space of facebook where stories, opinions and songs on diverse forms of love were posted and discussed.  The intent of the sustained effort through individual colleges with the volunteers was to help the students produce content on various aspects of love which they would produce on the 14th.

The event was structured in a way that slots of performances by students were followed by video clips made by the Isoch team on the issues of love and expectations, love and sexual harassment, and love and obsession. The clips were then followed by a moderated discussion on these topics, as they are relevant to the youth and often affect their personal lives to a great extent. There were 8 poems, 4 plays, 2 dances, 4 musical performances and a presentation with parents discussing their children’s right to choose their partners. The themes covered by the students were varied as well. Students from Fergusson College made a poetry presentation on the restrictions on love, such as inter-caste and same sex relationships. Students from MMCC college put forth a play on the issue on the issue of sexual harassment, while the students from SNDT presented a play displaying lives of people who opt for love marriages vis-à-vis those who choose arranged marriages. Visually disabled students from Fergusson College sang and made instrumental presentations.

The purpose of the event was to share ideas, opinions and creative expression on love and espouse values of consent, respect and diversity through the performances as well as the discussions.