Reaching out to college students through I SOCH campaign

Our ‘I SOCH’ campaign is gaining good ground. We have got 30 colleges in Pune on board. Meeting students in colleges and explaining to them what I SOCH stands for has been an enriching experience. Through a brief orientation we have reached out to more than 1500 students. The response has been amazing. The presentation talks about values in Sexuality. It presents through current news and events, the need to talk about privacy, gender equality, prevention of violence, autonomy and other values in sexuality. The presentation is clubbed with an activity that triggers thoughts and gets students to express their views on gender and sexuality.

At one of the participating colleges, we conducted a group activity where they drew images of a hero, a heroine and a villain. It portrayed our images of good and bad and also the stereotypes around gender and sexuality. In another college, we got girl students to write letters to the Commissioner of Police, Pune to demand safety and security. The processes have been very interesting and most importantly these processes have triggered thinking and sharing. Students of one of the Law Colleges started a debate around gender stereotypes in today’s advertisements. In every college we have got more than 20 volunteers for the I SOCH campaign.

Through these orientations also provided a space for some students who were under stress for many reasons including restrictions from the family as well as society. Our team is now liaisoning with Connecting, an NGO providing counselling and suicidal prevention services.


For more information, please visit our facebook page – ISOCH Let’s Talk Sexuality for Safer Pune!