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Welcome to Tathapi

Tathapi is a Women and Health resource organisation, partnering with local, rural and urban NGOs, responding to needs of the communities they work with.

Gender Equality

Capacity Building to creating environments within organisations, communities and individuals for change in attitudes, behaviours and create skills for gender equality.

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Women and Health

We develop and implement programmes to increase women’s access to health services; resource dissemination and capacity building for organizations in working with tribal and dalit populations, Document how changing socio-economic environments impact poor women, their work and health.

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Sexuality Education

To encourage a friendship with, and, an understanding of one's own body i.e. body literacy - in order to live healthy lives, prevent physical and sexual abuse. A distinctive program that works with children, their parents and teachers aged 10 onwards.

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Focus on the morbidity and mortality resulting out of Violence against Women, sensitizing doctors, developing protocols. Developing perspectives, material to combat the practice of Sex Selection, implement the law.

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A Space - ANANDI - where any woman can access information, self-help and rational health practice in nutrition, menstruation and contraception, infertility, menopause and mental health care.

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We dream of a world...

  • Where every woman is happy, creative and healthy...
  • Where literacy is also our bodies, minds and environments...
  • Free of violence and discrimination...
  • Where literacy is also our bodies, minds and environments...
  • Where all women and men access health as a Right,
    without question of the capacity to pay, sexual orientation or age...
  • Where diversity is cherished.